Stick Hockey Table with Great Value

[easyazon_image add_to_cart=”default” align=”left” asin=”B000GWFELM” cloaking=”default” height=”400″ localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” src=”” tag=”bestbubblehockey-20″ width=”400″]The Carrom 415 Super Stick Hockey Table is one of my favorite stick hockey tables that is currently on the market. I like it so much because it costs a fraction of some of the others and still performs at a high level. It is much cheaper than any table that you will find that was build for arcades, and bars. Also, you will have a very difficult time finding any negative reviews of this table. Its reasonable price and quality performance keep people happy. You do not have to spend thousands to have a good stick hockey table, and this Carrom table is easily one of the best valued tables you can buy.

Features of this Stick Hockey Table

Even though this this stick hockey table is one of the least expensive tables on the market, it was not made cheaply. The bubble was made of a sturdy plastic that is completely shatter resistant. Unlike some tables, this one comes with an electronic scoreboard that makes it feel like you are in a real hockey arena with the lights and sounds that goes off each time a goal is scored.

This table is one that should last you decades. Not only is the plastic dome made well, but the wood holding it up is wear resistant black melamine. This table will have no problem lasting many intense games. Some tables feel delicate when you play on them, but that is not the case with this one. This table is able to handle rough play. Nobody wants to think about being gentle when they are playing a sport. You do not have to worry with this table. You are able to let your mind be free, and focus on dominating your opponent..

This Stick Hockey Table Passes the Eye Test

You can look at some tables and notice right away that they are made poorly. That is not the case with the Carrom 415 Super Stick Hockey Table. Some other features that make it so durable are the rods that are made of fiberglass, and the gears that are molded to be able to withstand a lot of usage. Some of the poorly made tables lead to players getting stuck and caught during intense games. With this table, there is an internal slip clutch in the table which allows for fast intense action. The clutch stops the unwanted actions and allows for a smooth movement of the players. Overall, this is just a solidly made table that will perform well due to its excellent design.

Setting Up this Stick Hockey Table

Since this stick hockey table looks pretty big, you may fear that setting up could take a long time. However, this could not be further from the truth. The table is not hard to carry once it arrives, and one person should be able to move it with no problem. If you follow the instructions correctly, putting it together should take no longer than one hour. If a problem does come up for some reason, do not be afraid to give a call to support. They are very helpful and kind. They will be able to guide you through whatever issue you may have. Support has been known to ship pieces overnight if something is not working correctly. It is safe to say that customer service is top of the line, which is what you would hope for when making a big purchase.


If you are looking for a stick hockey table at a reasonable price, then you cannot go wrong with this Carrom 415 Super Stick Hockey Table. This table should last for decades and will provide years and years of fun. I highly recommend choosing this table over any other because it performs extremely well at a reasonable price. Yes, the super chexx tables may look a little better, but that beauty comes with a very hefty price (not that these are ugly, just not quite as sleek). If you are a practical person, then this is the table for you. If you are a flashy person that wants to show off something truly beautiful, then one of the super chexx stick hockey tables is for you instead.

It is important to note that free shipping is possible when buying it here. Amazon is great when it comes to their shipping costs, even for something this big! As far as overall value is concerned, you will have a very hard time finding a stick hockey table for a better price and value with the ability to get free shipping! Check the Current price for the stick hockey table here.

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