Rod Hockey Table Game – The Best

Rod Hockey Table GameIf you want a bubble hockey table but don’t have the money to invest in one, then the next best thing is a standard rod hockey table. A Rod hockey game table obviously isn’t as good as a full size bubble hockey table, but they can still provide some good fun. The NHL Stanley Cup Hockey Table Game has the same playing technique as any bubble hockey table. The only difference is the dome of course. Instead of a dome, a rod hockey table has plexi shield protectors behind the goals.

A rod hockey table game is the perfect gift for any kid that is interested in hockey or in any sport for that matter. This is just an absolute classic game that many kids grew up having in the 1980’s. With video games these days, it is a little bit forgotten, so you should feel fortunate if you are looking to purchase this for a kid, because it is something unique that any kid’s friends will be jealous of.

Honestly, this Stanley cup Rod Hockey Table is the top of the line when it comes to rod hockey tables. You will have a difficult time finding too many negative reviews on it because it is the top of its class. For example, hardly any of the reviews rate this table lower than four stars. Everyone seems to be reiterating what I already said; “if you can’t afford a bubble hockey table, then this rod hockey table is the best alternative.”

Rod Hockey Table GameBack in the old days, the players were just flat 2D, but nowadays, they are 3D and they can be changed in and out in case you want to switch one team out for another.

The coolest feature of this rod hockey table is the puck ejectors that are in each goal. This saves time and allows for a quick start after a goal. This rod hockey table is still about the approximate size of any bubble hockey table, with a length of about 37 inches and a width of about 20 inches.

So, whether you are looking to buy something that brings back memories from the past, or whether you are looking for a gift for your child, this is rod hockey game will provide what you need.

Other Rod Hockey Table Game

Franklin Rod Hockey Table GameI have been emailed about another rod hockey table, so I decided that I would add my input about the other main option right here. The only other rod hockey game that I would consider right now besides the NHL one that I mentioned above, is the Franklin Sports Rod Hockey Pro Game.

The Franklin Rod Hockey Pro is a decent alternative, but in my opinion, it still does not match up to the NHL rod hockey table game. It is five inches shorter in length which may not sound like a lot, but actually makes a pretty significant difference.

Other than being much smaller, this rod hockey table is also worse in the way that it plays. It is not quite as smooth playing as the NHL one, which severely impacts the quality of play. For the price that you pay for this, it simply is not worth it. It is not built durably at all, and its metal levers are built especially cheaply. When playing with this rod hockey table, it is hard to enjoy it because you keep thinking about how delicate you have to be with it. If you are getting this for kids, then good luck! I cannot see this rod hockey game lasting long with the wear and tear that kids could put on it when they are being competitive.

If you do not want to pay for a bubble hockey table, then the next best alternative is a rod hockey table like NHL Stanley Cup Rod Hockey Table Game. It is built quite well, and can handle more intense play than the Franklin rod hockey table.

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